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We invite you to say the wonderful “I do” in the most imposing castle: the Versailles of Transylvania, a three-hectare domain, where parties last days and nights, between hundreds of years old walls, you can dance in the moonlight, by the light of lanterns and count the stars.

Castelul Bánffy

The most exciting stables ever built in Transylvania offers the perfect location for you and your 150 guests.

The magnificent courtyard of the Castle will host your hundreds of guests, either in a beautiful tent, or under the shining stars.

This is the moment when you want to feel perfect and special: the fairy-tale tower will keep forever the secrets of the two of you.



“We chose Bánffy Castle not only for our wedding but also for other private events for which we found the energy of the place and the backdrop of Bánffy Castle appropriate. Ex: RETRO FUTURE private dinner with Electric Castle.


We have worked well with the castle team each time to bring our vision to life and we really enjoy the efforts they make to keep the history of this place alive and to bring not only beautiful private events to this space but also art exhibitions, festivals and concerts or the screening nights of Tiff, which are I think already iconic.”


– Alina Ceușan


“Everyone wants to have their wedding in a special place. For us, the Bánffy Castle in Bonchida was special in more ways than one: firstly because of our personal connections, and secondly because we were able to design the venue ourselves, with its millions of furnishing options. 


What is a tourist attraction by day has become the most memorable event of our lives.”


– Kiss-Tamás Ágnes


“We had a divine wedding, everything turned out perfect, everyone was super delighted. The communication with the staff was very good, they were always ready to help me with everything I needed. 


I hope to come back again and collaborate on other events. Thanks for everything!”


-Lorena Stângaciu


In June of 2022, we held our dream wedding at Bánffy Castle, Bonțida. For us, it was never a question of where we wanted to get married but rather if – given the short time – we would get a free date at the castle. Luckily for us, a friend was about to cancel a date they had booked years before, so we quickly seized the opportunity, and in half a year we conceived, dreamed, and organised a true celebration of joy. The impressive buildings of the castle, the large spaces available, the picturesque backdrop with the lake inspired everyone; it was heartwarming to see that even days and weeks after the big event, our friends were still posting on social media about the castle and our wedding. 

It was an incredible experience for both of us to party all night next to the illuminated castle and then at dawn to lay down to rest amongst the ancient walls. Saying the blissful “yes” under the open sky, with the Bánffy Castle in the background, is an experience that I would recommend to everyone!

Telegdy Andrea

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