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Castelul Bánffy

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You came here looking for the perfect wedding. We offer you the secret ingredient: uniqueness. We
invite you to say the wonderful “I do” in the most extraordinary castle: the Versailles of Transylvania,
a 3-hectare domain, where parties last days and nights. You will dance in the moonlight, by the light
of lanterns and count the stars, and by doing so you will help us restore the Castle..

Castelul Bánffy

Bánffy Castle in Bonțida is more than just a building or a wedding location. It is a symbol of Renaissance and Transylvanianism, housing both contemporary culture and traditional crafts. The monument, which almost perished in the wake of World War II and Communism, is being restored and brought back to life by the Transylvania Trust Foundation.

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buchet de flori

If you are ready to start the new chapter of your life at the Transylvanian Versailles and would like to know more about its stories and history, you can visit the main page of the castle: banffycastle.ro/en/

buchet de flori

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